Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear all nice people, dear Estonian hosts,

The project ROLE OF YOUTH in SOCIETY, started September 2014 in Iceland, was nicely finalized in Rakvere with a last mobility topic
Throwing away prejudices and racism

Thank you, Estonia!

The slogan of this meeting I would like to take from Lithuanian team essay:
,,Never judge a book by it's cover, because within it's pages you might find peace "-  so truly as it is!
Project participants through all the mobilities have had wonderful days enjoying active discussions, discovering values of a human and well-being community!
It was my big pleasure to follow the development of the project! 
Thank you for the partnership and well done work! Good work is team work!
Winners are we all- working in collaborative multi-cultural teams towards a common objective that benefits our community.

Let us stay in touch with nice ideas for the further projects!
Have a nice summer!

A moment like this- from the beautiful Estonian nature, Valge Järv!

Racism (exercise) 2015 Estonia

Imagine that you could choose the most welcome neighbours for yourself. The options are below. Please make a list of persons/families you prefer to be your neighbours (1 - the most welcome neighbour; 10 - the less welcome neighbour).

___ An Indian family with 5 children (at the age of 1-12). Father has a restaurant, mother has a part-time job in a shop.

___ 70-year-old lady living with a minimum retirement pension. Her family lives close to her and visits her sometimes.

___ A student from Africa who has come to Estonia to study. He has health problems and has to be in the hospital sometimes.

___ 5 young adults who follow the alternative lifestyle and are trying to give up all conventional and usual.

___ 3 students from Poland who actively participate in politics.

___ A married couple without children. The husband works at high government position, the wife is a housewife and takes care of their 3 dogs mainly.

___ A young woman who is in her piano studies in music academy. She has to practise several hours every afternoon. She is also religious and takes an active part in church activities.

___ An Afroamerican and her Australian girlfriend. The man tries to get the working permit in Estonia with the intention to start working as an engineer.

___ A religious Moslem family. A woman always wears a yashmac that covers her face  when she goes outside.

___ A homosexual couple who are trying to adopt a child. One of the partners is an artist and the other is a lawyer.

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